Jamille’s approach is to take time to fully understand what is it is you want from your training before developing a truly unique training and nutrition program that is absolutely right for you.   If you are looking for an off-the-shelf approach that gets you a bit fitter we are probably not the brand you are looking for.   If you are looking to initiate a significant change and transformation in your life then you have definitely come to the right place.   Jamille believes that every aspect of your program should be simple and sustainable for you to follow and presented in a way that helps you achieve your goal with as little complication as possible.
Qualifications N.V.Q. Sport and Recreation - (2 years) level 3 • Advanced Personal Trainer - Future Fit Level 3 • Nutrition and Weight Management - Future Fit • Weight Training Instructor - WWTA • Sports Massage - International Vocational award • Boxercise Instructor - Boxercise ltd • TRX Instructor - TRX Suspension Training • Kettlebell Instructor - Celtic Kettlebell•ViPR Instructor - ViPR U.K. • Exercise to Music - OCR / NVQ • Body Max - Body Max ltd • First Aid - St Johns Ambulance I am also accredited with REPS (Resister of Exercise Professionals)Fully insured through reps for 5 million pounds and have 13 years' experience within the health and fitness industry.
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FX Personal Training Cardiff FX Personal Training Cardiff FX Personal Training Cardiff FX Personal Training Cardiff FX Personal Training Cardiff
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FX Personal Training Cardiff FX Personal Training Cardiff FX Personal Training Cardiff
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Personal Trainer in Cardiff with FX Personal Training we are passionate about your success and will give you the direction and motivation you need to achieve your fitness goals. We provide personal training at exclusive gyms in Cardiff Bay, Local outdoor Parks, or in the convenience of your own home. You can now achieve the results you want. Please take a look at the website and Contact us with any questions or to discuss how we can help you to lead a healthier lifestyle. Click here to read our Testimonials and proven results. Jamille Nicholas - Personal Trainer Cardiff Jamille is the owner and founder of FX Personal Training he has been transforming peoples physiques since 2001. With a vast 17 years of experience and knowledge, jamille knows exactly what is needed for every individual and that is exactly his approach to exercise and nutrition. He believes everybody is different and requires a system that works for them specifically. He chooses to work from 2 of the best gyms in Cardiff, The Fitness Factory (Cardiff Bay) and UFit (Ocean Way) he also does outdoor sessions and beach training. Jamille has always had a passion for keeping fit and working out. He believes 'If you talk the talk - You should walk the walk' and follows the training principles he truly believes in.